General Tasks

Visualisation and information

There are three windows in EVAT :
  • visualization window (right upper): shows the active tree ( default, the drawing of the active tree is the bubble one).
  • overview window (left upper) : shows all the loaded or constructed trees in the session,
  • task window (down part) : access to four menu acting on the active tree in the visualization window (visualization, search, comparisons, detailed data).
Activating a tree can be done by loading a new one or clicking on one tree in the overview window. The drawing of the active tree can be adapted using the submenus Coordinates, Size, Colors, Shape. Colors and Size allow the mapping of a parameter of the tree on a special attribute of the drawing. As an example, the user can map the size of a file on the Size attribute, and the number of nodes on the Hue component. For each one, he may choose between three mapping. The two other attributes, shape and Coordinates are set up automatically by the software
A special algorithm called "manual" allowed in every case to set up some node value manually (for example, present each selected node with a cube). Details on tree parameters such as number of nodes can be obtained using the detailed data menu by clicking a node. The following parameters are predefined in EVAT :
  • Nodes : Number of nodes of the subtree,
  • Height : height of the subtree,
  • Depth : depth of the node in the tree,
  • Strahler : Strahler Number .
  • Searching

    Most of the search actions can be issued in two different but collaborative ways : The advanced mode allows to evaluate non parenthesis boolean expression.

    Example 1 : Find the biggest jpg files

    In the size menu, select the parameter size, select filter option and manual algorithm. Then, use the rule on le left side of the windows for increasing the size of the selected nodes. The selected files appears with red labels.

    Example 2 : Detail the biggest* jpg file

    After example 1, in the search menu, issue extract. The result is a new view associated to the minimal subtree containing the previous selection.

    Pair wise comparisons of trees

    Comparison begins by selecting two trees. One is the active window. For getting a second active window, click with the right button in the overview window. Two methods are available : The result of each method is a parameter Distance. Go to the Color menu in Visualisation task. Choose the parameter Distance, Hue Component and linear algorithm.
    Comparison of to Logs files by Fast heuristic.
    Comparison of two phylogenetic tree by Zhang Algorithm.