Classification data

Working on labels

Labels in EVAT are mapped to an integer number according to the lexical order. But, on the interface the user deals with strings. Thus two words as "Spirulida" and "Spirurida" surely will be mapped to consecutive integers. So, the user will be not aware of this mispelling. By a consequence, the mapping with color or size attributes will gives near results for the two nodes.
Labels are displayed using the Strahler number value, then bigest is the tree better is the visibility of the label.

Can you say in how many different subtrees a particular common name (such as "dolphin" or "horse") is used?

These questions can be solved by the search menu. Goto the search task. Select the attribute common name. Then enter the regular expression ".*dolphin.*" and select. Enter the regular expression ".*horse.*" and select.
Then the extract button will construct a new tree in the overview window that is the minimal spanning tree including the selection. Thus, by the detail menu, parameters as number of subtree can be reached. But also this new tree can be drawn and inspected using EVAT.